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Divorce, Custody & Family Mediation

Mediation is a safe, affordable and effective way for you to work through your conflicts and disputes without having to resort to costly litigation. Many of my clients seek mediation because they are unable to reach an agreement and feel an unbiased third party is all they need. 
My experience as a Psychotherapist allow me to understand that sometimes life can get messy and and we don’t always agree but it’s not something that we need to take to court. The goal in mediation is to work out an agreement that you both agree upon without spending a fortune in attorney’s fees and countless hours in court or on the phone with your attorney. We sit down and work through what is a reasonable compromise by both parties to come to a common ground. When it comes to child custody mediation.....we recognize that you as parents know your child or children better than anyone. We listen to what you feel is the best situation for your child. Our Parenting agreements are customized to your lifestyle and the specific needs of your children. Whether it be homework, sports practices or dance recitals.....we'll address it to make sure that both parents are allowed to be a part of their child's life.

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Dr. Nelson de Ramirez, PsyD, MS LMFT

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