Counseling in Aliso Viejo for Families

When is it time to consider Family Counseling?

Families are under an enormous amount of stress with the current financial crisis. More and more families are being forced to make major life decisions that impact the whole family.  Has your family grown apart? Do you feel disconnected? Has a new baby or adolescents added turbulence to what use to be a smooth ride?  Families go through an ebb and flow while going through different phases. At times the stress can become overwhelming and it becomes difficult to get back on track. Families going through major life changes like divorce and separation can become extremely stressful to all members of the family. It’s important for each family member to understand and adhere to the new “family rules” in order for them to feel safe and secure with the changes.  Family therapy is helpful for families who’ve experienced a major life change such as a new baby, divorce or separation, death, illness, child acting out, having a child with special needs, major family disruption or relocation. 

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Dr. Nelson de Ramirez, PsyD, MS LMFT

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