Marriage Counseling/Interesting Facts

  • 41-50% of First Marriages end in Divorce
  • 50-65% of Second Marriages end in Divorce
  • 73-74% of Third Marriages end in Divorce
  • 1/5 Divorces state Facebook as a reason for problems leading to divorce
  • Money Issues are the #1 reason for Problems leading to divorce

Common Marital Issues

  • Communication Problems
  • Financial Problems
  • Child Rearing 
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Anger
  • Infidelity
  • Contemplating Divorce
  • Feeling Disconnected or Alone in the Marriage
  • Constant Nagging and Fighting-The Negative Cycle


Dr. Nelson de Ramirez, PsyD, MS LMFT

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Marriage Counseling

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Learn how to Build the Marriage you want rather than feeling stuck in an unhappy marriage!

I specialize in couples who are going through a difficult phase of their marriage: recent infidelity, diagnoses, financial crisis or couples experiencing major life transitions such as having or raising children.  Marriages go through an ebb and flow and often experience "growing pains". New challenges often require new "tools" to help you get through those difficult times. Unfortunately, many marriages end prematurely during these transitions. I understand the need and urgency to resolve conflict when children are involved. Marital issues can have a profound affect on your work, children and family life.  If you are not happy in your current relationship, have a loss of passion or considering whether or not it’s time to go your separate ways couples counseling can help.  Visit Couples Corner for some tools to help you deal with common issues couples face.